Marginalization and poverty

Anima Universale cooperates with Comunità Incontro founded by Monsignor Pietro Gelmini - in the photograph with our Founder. Monsignor Gelmini - don Pierino - is a tireless father to many. Through his worldwide work he is dedicating all of his life to saving people of any race and religion from desperation caused by drugs, marginalization and extreme poverty.
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“Before the Great Heart of don Pierino, one can only remain silent and learn to never surrender. This man of God knows people’s hearts; he is able to understand and to listen to people. His paternal love is overwhelming and is giving back to life many who were destroying themselves every day through a few ounces of death. He is a voice which shakes consciences and a testimony that all is possible with Christ, by Christ and in Christ to those who want to regain dignity, freedom and the right to start loving again.” -

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