Other initiatives

  • Support to “Mangua Village” dispensary in Tanzania

  • Molise earthquake relief, Italy

  • Gujarat earthquake relief, India
  • Through the International Adkins Chiti: Women in Music Foundation, Anima Universale gave a scholarship of Euro 5,335 to three very poor girls of great musical talent in Zimbabwe, Africa.
  • Enhancement of Dangche clinic in Tibet. Anima Universale contributed Euro 5,000 to this project started by MotoForPeace. The project benefits extremely poor people living in the Tibetan valley of Dangche, the doctors and nurses who work for the clinic and all of the 350 children who attend Dangche School.
  • Donations to Fonòpoli: Cultural and Artistic Centre for young people, founded by the Italian popstar Renato Zero.
  • Donation of Euro 3,615 to the fund set up by the Foundation “La Stampa - Specchio” for the victims of the floods which devasted the Piedmont region in 1994.
  • Swami Roberto is a well-deserving member of “Telefono Azzurro”, a Body for the care of mistreated children.
  • Many followers of Anima Universale practice Love in action by doing their very best in several fields of voluntary service.

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