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Holy Christmas Vigil 2023

In the Temple at Leini (Turin, Italy) with Swami Roberto and in the Temple at Poggiana di Riese Pio X (Treviso, Italy), the Church Anima Universale celebrated Holy Christmas, to give glory to the Word of God who became flesh.

In Leini the celebration began with the traditional White Christmas song, sung in Italian and English by the talented Simona Sorbara.

Simona Sorbara

The Church Anima Universale donated new headquarters to the Movimento Sviluppo e Pace ETS

Leini (Turin, Italy), Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Church Anima Universale donated its branch at 14/A via Biella in Turin to the Movimento Sviluppo e Pace ETS for humanitarian and solidarity purposes.

Movimento Sviluppo e Pace is an NGO founded in Turin in 1968 by personalities of the Catholic and secular culture, such as the journalist and writer Dr. Giovanni Giovannini and the university professor Giorgio Ceragioli, PhD.

The headquarters donated by Anima Universale

The Church Anima Universale donated a van for the transport of the disabled to the Italian Red Cross Committee of Leini

Leini (Turin, Italy), Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Church Anima Universale, represented by the President ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia and by ramia Roberto, received a solemn commendation from the Italian Red Cross Committee of Leini for the donation of a new vehicle for the transport of people with reduced mobility.

The vehicle donated by our Church was inaugurated this afternoon at the headquarters of the Leini Red Cross in the presence of the city authorities.

CommendationFrancesco Squillace (President of the Italian Red Cross Committee of Leini, in the center in the photo) delivers the commendation to Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia, President of the Church Anima Universale.

INNESCHI for Peace

Turin (Italy) – Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Church Anima Universale has collaborated with the ArteMixia Association to create INNESCHI [BOMB FUSES, SPARKS – TN], an event for Peace that involves institutions, associations and citizens.

Description of the event

The event took place in the square of the Dora Commercial Park, at the foot of the permanent installation «Together against violence», inaugurated on November 25, 2021 on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

From Comunità Incontro founded by Father Pierino Gelmini

Leini (Turin, Italy), December 24, 2021

We have received this letter from dear Giampaolo Nicolasi, Section Head of Comunità Incontro, which we wish to share with you.

Letter from Comunità Incontro

Twenty Years of MotoForPeace

Leini (Turin, Italy), December, 24 2021

Or dear friend Bernardo Lepore, President of MotoForPeace, gave us the commemorative plaque and the valuable photo book MotoForPeace 0121 created by his Association to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its foundation in 2001.

We are honored to be in the book with a thought that Anima Universale dedicated to MotoForPeace on the occasion of this important anniversary.

Libro e targa di MotoForPeace

Anima Universale and ArteMixia against violence on women

Turin, November 24, 2021

Ramia Davide Ghirardello represented the Church Anima Universale [Universal Soul] at the press conference for the presentation of the permanent installation "TOGETHER AGAINST VIOLENCE" at the Lega Coop Hall in the Parco Dora Shopping Center. The civil authorities representing the City of Turin were present at the event.

The installation is a project of ArteMixia Social Promotion Association and Rosso Indelebile, conceived by the artists Rosalba Castelli and Anna Olmo, and created by the sculptor Denis Valarin.

The press conference
ramia Davide Ghirardello delivering his speech

The Church Anima Universale received merit from the Italian Red Cross Committee of Leini

Leini (Turin, Italy), Sunday 3 October 2021

Ramia Osvaldo receiving the certificate of merit

In the presence of the authorities, our President ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia received the “Time of Kindness” merit attributed to the Church Anima Universale by the Red Cross of Leini for the support we gave them during the pandemic, helping them to help the population and citizenship of Leini with our donation of € 10,200 .

Dear Gianluigi Contarin, now you too are up there watching over us

June 17, 2021

“Dear Gianluigi Contarin, now you too are up there watching over us. You have been a great Man, always ready to help people, and in fact we collaborated together several times. You were the mayor of Riese Pio X, the little town I love and which saw my childhood. I remind you with your last words that you wrote to us, on June 5: ‘Dear Friends of Anima Universale… you too are part of my life…’
Gianluigi, forever in my heart.
Thank You, dear Friend.”

—Swami Roberto on his Facebook page

Gianluigi Contarin with Ramia monks

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi: a Holy Man

Leini (Turin, Italy), 4 June 2021

“Father Fulgenzio, my friend,

We have come a long way together… you gave us the honor of helping you in your great mission in Africa. We shared joys and sorrows together.

You have always been part of our family and today we have “lost” a special brother. Humanly, the pain is great, as is great the love that united us and unites us forever.

Those who had the grace to meet you can say that in their life they have known a true Saint, a Saint in flesh and blood.
A Saint who loved all my monks enormously.

I keep you forever in my heart.”—Swami Roberto

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi with Swami Roberto

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