Leini Turin Poggiana


  • Leini (Turin, Italy)
    Via E. Mattei, 58
    Tel. +39.011.997.81.38
  • Poggiana of Riese Pio X (Treviso, Italy)
    Via Rudon, 14

Meeting with
Swami Roberto

At Leini
Every Sunday at 10.30am

Swami Roberto“Just sitting silently in the Temple of Origins, or in the Chapel of Divine Love, allows even those who do not practice meditation to live a deep spiritual experience, so strong that many cannot hold back tears of liberation.” — Swami Roberto

Accommodation in the ashram

logo Divina Madre della Gioia

The religious House “Divine Mother of Joy House” is located inside the monastery of Anima Universale [Universal Soul] in Leini, near Turin, ITALY.

Religious services

Leini (TO)

  • Contact us for information about the activities on the weekends.

Poggiana of Riese Pio X

  • Darshan with the monks: every Sunday at 10am

INTERVIEW with a charismatic monk

By means of an enlightening counsel and a prayer heard, many people have overcome their problems, or faced them with more serenity. It is necessary to reserve by phone in order to have a meeting with a Ramia. (The counsel is private).

Anima Universale entirely trusts in the Divine Providence that shows Itself by means of offerings given by all those wishing to support both our Work and the Ramia monks.

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