For a better world

“If humanity believed in Divine Love with the same intensity, spirit of sacrifice and devotion that it addresses to ‘god money’… every prayer would be answered immediately! …people would surely treat each other with more humanity, having a greater will to help.” –

Prospects and photo-reports of our work

Hearts in movement

ramia Osvaldo RistucciaRamia Osvaldo Ristuccia, President of Anima Universale (in the photograph), together with his brothers Ramia and many volunteers takes care of our humanitarian work by co-operating also with international Organizations.
We realize that our help is only a drop of solidarity in the ocean of poor and marginalized people's need. But we do with Love all that we can, trusting in God’s Providence. We pray together with Swami to ask that more and more good-willing people devote themselves to selfless service, actually expressing the power of selflessness in helping the poor.

How nice it would be if, at least for one day, all the poor of the Earth might drink pure water and eat to their fill. It would be wonderful if, at least for one day, all might sleep without fear of bombs and violence; it would be extraordinary if all recognized women's rights and elder rights; and it would be normal at last if all children of the world could trust in adults for one day and forever as guardians of their future and of the planet. Only if that happens will one be able to affirm without any doubt that human justice exists.» -

The injustice of justice

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