“For people of faith, Love is God; but even for those who do not believe, Love can absolutely be the most overwhelming power, which can succeed in changing one’s heart and in reforming this world with justice. Love, brotherhood, forgiveness, non-violence and rectitude are universal values, which can unite humanity into one great family. It is too comfortable a luxury to feel powerless: let’s ally with Love and we will rehabilitate our dignity.”
—Swami Roberto – Founder of Anima Universale (Universal Soul)

Being a Ramirian Christian means being a Universal Soul

Darshan nel monastero di Anima UniversaleFor Anima Universale, being Christian means NOT TO IMPOSE one’s own truth on others, but to witness it by example, self-consistency and much Love.

“We have no intention to lord it over your faith; rather, WE WORK TOGETHER for YOUR JOY
(2 Corinthians 1,24)

Anima Universale is Church in the sense of assembly, of meeting, of communion of believers, rather than “hierarchically structured organization”.

For the ramirian, being Christians also means…

  • To believe that life is a spiritual journey and that every person, in his or her current embodiment, is at a different stage of this extraordinary journey to Awareness. This makes of every person a unique being, unrepeatable and of infinite value.
  • To respect others and their ideas so as to be able to discuss constructively and above all to work together so as to help poor and marginalized people, and build a better world.
  • To be able to accept others as equals by respecting all without distinctions: believers of any religions and atheists, heterosexuals and gays, rich and poor, learned and simple people… in short, every citizen of the world.
  • To have the freedom to pray with anyone of any religion.
  • To believe that if you really want to make a distinction between people, it is right to distinguish between who exercises kindness, honesty and charity, and who unfortunately believe in evil, violence, hatred, lies, opportunism, racism… in short, hurts his or her fellow beings, humiliates and does not help them.
  • To believe that the willingness to accept the “different” is one of the loftier goals in the process of human growth and social development. There is only one chosen people: the whole of humanity.
  • To believe that we must go against the tide in a radical way with regard to the logic of a selfish world by using the beneficial “weapons” of righteousness, non-violence, forgiveness… therefore with the ability to love, as Jesus taught and how each man of good will has witnessed: the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa of Calcutta… all are able to express love by loving despite everything.
  • To believe that the greatest sin is all the good we could have been doing and we did not. “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them” (James 4:17). Another serious sin is “stupidity”, which combined with fanaticism can even kill.
  • To believe that spirituality begins with the ability to amend oneself in the small things so as to be able to achieve the great goals. Who is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much.
  • To believe that it is mandatory to make every effort for a sustainable development that safeguards the natural resources of our planet for the sake of future generations. Even our brothers animals should be treated with the respect due to every living being.
  • To believe in the prayer that Jesus taught to us: Our Father who art in heaven… forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors… and deliver us from evil.
  • To believe that God is still speaking… today right to you!

Mungu Akubariki!
(“God bless you” in Swahili)

The Founder

From the time he was just a child Swami Roberto, Founder of Anima Universale, has been helping people to rediscover the Love of God, Father and Mother of all.

Swami Roberto’s darshan in the monastery of Anima Universale

It is nice to see the rekindling hope in the eyes of many. It’s nice to see the joy that fills the emptiness dug in people by loneliness, misunderstandings and the indifference of the world. It is nice to see that so many people thanks to Swami Roberto solve many troubles of life.
It is very comforting to feel that contact with the Divine takes wings in those who are looking for answers and can finally hear the enlightening word that reveals the mysteries of existence.
Swami Roberto’s Darshan is a continuous miracle of Love.

The temple of Anima Universale at Poggiana di Riese Pio X (Italy)

In the years Swami’s mission has given birth to the Church Universal Soul and to the communities of the Ramia monks who dedicate their lives to help the neighbour and to build peace among peoples.

Wakantanka Taku Nitawa
(Many and Great Are, O God, Your Works)

Moments of joy and spirituality at Leinì’s Ashram

Anima Universale is an international spiritual reality which, beyond every religious dogma, addresses all those who believe that Love – with a capital L – is not a synonym for weakness or banal sentimentalism, nor is it only an overexploited word.

“Love is not only a good sentiment, an important word, a poem, an emotion; Love is total gift of oneself, which propels you towards your responsibilities in society, to the family, at school, at work… and towards the reality of a humanity, having its own suffering, who is also waiting for your indispensable help.
The world without you would be an orphan.”
— Swami Roberto

Solidarity Work without frontiers

Thanks to Divine Providence that shows itself through the faces and the hearts of those who support Universal Soul, the Movement does all it can to help poor and marginalized people in Italy and abroad, without distinction of race, culture or creed, because…

…first comes the person with his or her dignity,
opinions, suffering.

Volunteers and monks of Anima Universale in action

Regain possession of your universal soul to be able to visit all corners of the heart, to break out of materialistic attitudes and actually take the side of poor and marginalized people.
To stay on one’s own is too comfortable a luxury to indulge in. Let’s rebel against the game of indifferent people. Do others know that you exist! Let’s work together so that one day nobody will talk of a first, second, third world any longer and all will have daily bread and drinkable water, freedom and respect of their dignity. So, give voice to your universal soul. Do not step aside. You are not alone. An African proverb teaches that ants said: “let’s join together and we will be able to transport an elephant”. More together! …and we will be able to transport the world towards Peace.

Humanitarian work of Anima Universale

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