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Swami Roberto’s 49th Birthday, 9 April, the Day of Resurrection


– Swami, rather than thinking of his birthday, on 9 April loves to celebrate our spiritual birthday and does it by filling us with precious gifts for our eternal self.

Swami Roberto’s 49th Birthday

April 9, 2011: Swami Roberto’s 48th Birthday


In the blessed day of his 48th birthday, Swami Roberto has been surrounded by a wealth that even some billionaires does not have: it is the priceless treasure of your joy, your true love, your admiration, appreciation and gratitude for him ... that is why Swami, deeply moved, ended the celebration with these words:

“I am truly rich. I am the richest man in the world because I have you ... you who are Love... great Love!!!”.

We walked on air


Another good day to remember: on Sunday 3 April 2011 with the holy darshan of Swami Roberto we opened the big cloister of the “House of Divine Mother of Joy” inside Anima Universale’s monastery at Leini (Turin, Italy).
On a beautiful sunny day, the cloister framed the blue sky and hugged us in its peace.

So much Light and Joy on Christmas Eve…


Christmas Eve Prayer

Sister Sheela Jacob, Salesian, has met Anima Universale


With VIDEO at the bottom.

Sister Sheela Jacob knocked at Anima Universale’s heart: she asked to visit us in order to explain the new project being developed by the Salesian organization FIDES of Bangalore, India, which Anima Universale has been supporting for many years. Sister Sheela was welcomed with great enthusiasm in our Palatenda.

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