Aids orphans in Africa

Anima Universale cooperates with the Passionist missionary Father Fulgenzio Cortesi, Founder of the “Village of Joy” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
We have twinned with his Work because we ascertained that it is an actual answer to the problem of Aids orphans in Africa.

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi with our Founder Father Fulgenzio (in the photograph with our Founder) was born in Castel Rozzone (Bergamo, Italy). A journalist and a writer, he has been concerned with African affairs with love and passion for over forty years. On 2nd June 2004 he was awarded a rare and very important prize for his commitment to solidarity by the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

Partial view of the Village of JoyThe Village of Joy (partial view in the photograph) extends over 300,000 square meters of land and is a spot of welcome and education which grants Aids orphans the possibility to grow in their environment, without being eradicated from their culture and religious beliefs... right in the spirit of Anima Universale!

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“Although being a journalist and a great writer who does not lack the learned word, my most beloved brother Father Fulgenzio does not need to preach in order to announce that God’s Love is alive and real; he does not need to give many speeches in order to shake the consciences in the opulent western world. Knowing Father Fulgenzio, one realizes that his most uplifting homily is the whole of his life as a missionary, which he is restlessly giving to the violated and mortified land of Africa, in order to help its and our children to resurrect.” -

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