INNESCHI for Peace

Turin (Italy) – Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Church Anima Universale has collaborated with the ArteMixia Association to create INNESCHI [BOMB FUSES, SPARKS – TN], an event for Peace that involves institutions, associations and citizens.

Description of the event

The event took place in the square of the Dora Commercial Park, at the foot of the permanent installation «Together against violence», inaugurated on November 25, 2021 on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The monks ramia Magda, ramia Maria, ramia Massimo and ramia Riccardo participated in the event, representing the Church Anima Universale.
It was a joy to share this initiative for Peace with the dearest Rosalba Castelli and Henni Rissone, respectively Vice President and President of ArteMixia.

Picture of the event From left to right: ramia Magda, Henni Rissone, Rosalba Castelli and ramia Maria

The hands of the participants, painted with the colors of the rainbow—a universal symbol of Peace—and the poems and prayers asking for Peace, sent a strong message to the people strolling in the busy shopping center.

Now more than ever it is important to unite the consciences that want the end of the war, so that Peace triumphs over the violence and brutality of the conflicts that are bloodying the world.

As Swami Roberto often reminds us, each person can do a lot for Peace, with prayer, good will, good deeds and in many other ways. One of the worst evils is feeling useless and powerless in the face of the injustices and wickedness that unfortunately continue to rage on countless innocent victims.

some ramias From left to right: ramia Magda, ramia Riccardo, ramia Maria and ramia Massimo, monks of the Universal Soul Church