Ramia monks: prayer, service and joy


RAMIA is a Biblical name, from the Hebrew RAMIAH which means GOD HAS RELEASED.

In the face of Miryam, one can see God’s maternal face

From God’s Love, thanks to a ‘yes’ from the Ramias, the monastic communities of Anima Universale were born as a sign of hope to many young people, to families and also to many who have lost faith.

The Holy Spirit blows where He wills, infuses inspirations, stirs up the gift of vocation to consecrated life. Ramias’s priesthood is a service of consciousness dedicated to the Divine Mother and it is the consecration to a great ideal: to serve Love, to serve Christ within man and man within Christ.

The Ramirian monks life is dedicated to prayer and service, and it is full of the joy of the Lord. By the providential food of the Knowledge given by Swami Roberto - which helps us to understand the deep meaning of the Logos as reason and the Father’s Word - the brothers brings relief to a humanity which is hungry and thirsty for God.

Ramia monks in prayer“We, the Ramias, have been called by the Holy Spirit to announce that true joy has to be found in simplicity, in the courage of Love. We have been called to testify that those who trust in God will have a universal heart, which day by day wishes to comfort instead of being comforted.”

The Ramias are the ministers of the Church of Universal Soul. Their service to those who have chosen to be baptised by the Church is the administration of the sacraments. But the Ramias’ mission implies also the open-mindedness to help every citizen of the world without asking him/her to convert. Every day, people of several religions come to our ashrams to speak with the ramias of their worries, to ask for an illuminating counsel, a blessing, a prayer. Thanks to God, many overcome their spiritual and everyday problems, or face them with more serenity, finding the strength to smile at life again.

The Ramias also do their best to help the most poor and marginalized people.

Ramia on a mission “Suffering never goes on vacation, but the Comforter always inspires people just like the ramias to make the gift of themselves, in the fullness of an unconditional yes, in order to spiritually, morally and materially help their neighbour.
…We cannot forget that the loneliness, the sorrow, and the illness suffered by many are just as great here in the West as elsewhere. Even if people are economically well-off here compared to those who live in the great poverty of the Third World, there is still an immense need of missionaries who learn to hear the silent cry of those suffering in our cities. May you ramias be apostles of Peace and missionaries of charity to all without ifs and buts” -

The letters which compose the word RAMIA synthesise the essence of the Brothers’ mission:

Rispetto (Respect) : only if I learn to not insult my dignity, will I be capable of respecting the dignity of all living beings.

Amore (Love) : day after day I remain selfless, in order to devote my existence to God, also by meeting and being of service to Him in my neighbour.

Misericordia (Mercifulness) : in spite of everything, I keep believing in forgiveness, in hope, in life and in the human being.

Impegno (Commitment) : by good will, I better accomplish my deeds for the neighbour, both in the little and in the large things.

Altruismo (Unselfishness) : other people come before... only afterwards I think of myself, in relation to others.

(From the epithet ramia come the terms ramirian and ramirians referred to the followers of Anima Universale).

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” - Jesus

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