FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to convert to Anima Universale (Universal Soul) in order to attend your monastery?
No. Anima Universale is a Christian Church and welcomes all.
Does Anima Universale apply any fares?
No. Anima Universale trusts in the Divine Providence.
«You received without paying, give without pay.» – (Matthew 10:8)
Does anyone pass plates around to collect money during services or Darshan?
No. Those wishing to support Anima Universale may leave anonymous donations into dedicated boxes or use our post account.
Is it necessary to make reservation in order to attend the Darshan?
No. Swami Roberto welcomes all.
How should people consider Roberto Casarin?
Swami Roberto has never given a definition of himself. All are able to make an opinion on their own. What is important to us, the Ramias, are his spiritual teachings and the fruits which spring from them.
Why “Swami” Roberto?
In the years Universal Soul has reached an international dimension. Many people of foreign language conventionally use a Sanskrit word, Swami, to indicate the “spiritual guide”.
What does Anima Universale think of medicine?
Medical science and physicians are instruments of the Divine Providence for the good health of humanity.
Swami Roberto and the Ramirian monks pray the Divine Mercy for all who come here to call upon grace to overcome their problems.
In the case of health problems, the Divine Mercy DOES NOT help those who trust not in physicians in order to be cured by conscientiously following their therapeutic prescription.
Is there any particular duty for those regularly attending Anima Universale?
Only one: “Love your neighbour as yourself”.
This is a universal teaching which summarizes each spiritual path for spiritual elevation.
It goes alone that those believing in this commandment, in the name of Love will try hard to be honest and to behave with love, respect of their neighbour and great sense of responsibility in every social context (family, work, school, etc.)

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