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The triangle with the eye is a Christian symbol of the Omnipresence of God, who is Truth and Uttermost Love within His Trinitarian Perfection.

The pentagon is a biblical old-Testament symbol and here it represents the aspiration to peace and brotherhood among all the people of goodwill.

The tree stands for the human being, whose roots are in the earth. He/she must spiritually rise by means of earthly experiences in order to re-discover the Divine Perfection within himself/herself: “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect”, (Matthew 5:48). Like a tree, the human being should bear fruits knowing that they will ultimately fall from the tree. No human work, therefore, - no matter how important and holy - must make one lose the virtue of sister humbleness. Like a tree transforms into fruits the elements of Life (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), human beings are free in their consciousness and evolution to transform themselves in order to re-discover their best part. In other words, all are responsible for how they make use of the divine gift of Life.

The two top bands in different colours are the human dimensions experienced after leaving physical body. The internal earth-coloured band represents the state of being of one who is still attached to materialism. It is the dimension of the cycle of death and rebirth ruled by the law of karma. The spiritual individuality, the Self, of each human being is unique and unrepeatable and has ever existed within God’s Mind. Everyone’s spirit, who is precisely unique and unrepeatable, at every further incarnation comes back to experiment earthly dimension ‘dressing up’ with a new body, in the same way as one puts on new clothes instead of those now worn out. Reincarnation cannot be regressive, since every rebirth necessarily implies an expansion of spiritual awareness thanks to earthly experiences.

The higher golden-coloured band is a symbol of the Universal Soul, the Divine Mother, the Door of Heaven, who helps those who have terminated the cycle of their rebirths to resurrect, in order to ascend into the ‘dimension’ of God the Father’s Eternity.

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