In India at sister Nancy Pereira’s

ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia e suor Nancy PereiraJuly 2004 - our President ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia and Dominique spent a week at Bangalore in the Salesian mission FIDES, founded by sister Nancy Pereira. Thanks to the Divine Providence, and thus to all who support Anima Universale, the ramias gave sister Nancy Euro 10,000 for the necessities of her great work among the poor families living in slums.

Dominique and sister Nancy Pereira ramia Osvaldo with the children whom we are sponsoring

The ramias met the thirty children whom Anima Universale have been sponsoring for several years. They are growing up healthy and are succeeding in school. They welcome their ‘uncles’, as they call us, with a great party and it was striking to feel their affection and spontaneous gratefulness for the help they receive.

Sister Costanza accompanied the two ramias to visit the villages in which sister Nancy is working with her sisters of FIDES. People welcomed them joyfully by the typical ritual greetings of the Hindu religion. The sisters of FIDES through their precious work have already been able to make more than 3,000 families self-sufficing, both from the economic and the hygienic-sanitary point of view and their work is expanding towards others extremely poor villages.

On Sunday 4 July, those present in our Tent at Leinì to attend Darshan had the immense joy to hear the voice of sister Nancy, who phoned in order to greet Swami Roberto and to thank all for the help received. She stressed that «the Divine Providence has come right in a moment of urgent need for the mission. Thank you. God bless you all».

Memories of previous visits at sister Nancy Pereira's