Sister Nancy Pereira visited our Centre at Leinì

Swami Roberto with sister Nancy Pereira – Salesian missionary Sister Nancy Pereira has returned our visits and was looked after by Swami. She met a group of faithful supporters of Anima Universale in our Ashram at Leinì, where we celebrated together a prayer for peace. On the occasion of this extraordinary and wonderful meeting, many people wished to give sister Nancy a donation for her great Work among poor people. All together we have been able to give her 43,000,000 Italian Lira (22,207.65 Euro).

Later on Swami Roberto and some Ramias have gone with her into the Town Hall of Leinì, where she has been welcomed by the Parish priest, the Mayor and many citizens.

After her return to India, sister Nancy has sent us this email:

My dear Bro. Roberto and all the other brothers esp. Andrea, Carlo e Franco.

I am very late to thank you all. Till now every evening I was going to bed saying today also I did not succeed to send the e-mails. I have to send. First chance I got I utilize to send few e-mails now.

Thank you for each and every one of you for your great concern and care you had for me. For picking me up from Verona and reaching me to Biella, your grand dinner, the meeting, above all your generous collections. Wonderful, it was a mighty shower of the Divine Providence. Thank you for every thing dear brothers.

Thank you dear brother Roberto for all the donations and special gift. As I promise our prayers I solicite your generous prayers for us also.

Vostra sorella Sr. Nancy Pereira.