At Zervò with Father Gelmini: “Father… the forest won’t fall down”

Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia and ramia Paolo with Don Pierino Gelmini – Our President ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia and ramia Paolo brought Father Pierino Gelmini the kind embrace and the solidarity of our Founder, Roberto Casarin, of the Ramia monks and of all the believers of our Church. Despite Father Pierino’s present difficulties, his serenity is strongly visible and his fatherly love floods you as ever. He dedicated a lot of time to us, we spoke and prayed a lot, we brought him Roberto’s heart, who is always near him, in the same way as Father Pierino confirmed to us that he is always near all of us. It is beautiful when hearts meet and we met a lot of hearts trembling with gratitude for Father Pierino: they are the boys of his community, his Children of Love, the boys who are indignant about the harm done to their Father, to their friend, to their “rescuer”, who gave them back to life and to their dignity. The boys of the Community Incontro coined a meaningful slogan for their t-shirts: “FATHER… THE FOREST WON’T FALL DOWN”. Nobody lost his trust in Father Pierino, nobody left his community, or better still, more people have arrived.
We thank father Bernard, father Gino Piccialuti, father Giovanni D’Ercole, father Enzo Pichelli and Prof. Vincenzo di Marzo for their dear friendship as ever.
We would like to close the memory of these intense and edifying days with Father Pierino’s words:

“I am not asking you to defend me, but to love me.”

Souvenir photographs

The Holy Mass at ZervòThe Assumption Holy Day Mass celebrated in the outdoor “cathedral” with thousands of people grateful to Father Pierino for the received good. Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia

Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia with Padre Bernard and Father Giovanni D’ErcoleRamia Osvaldo Ristuccia with our friends Father Bernard and Father Giovanni D’Ercole The ramias with the Mrs. Domenica and Mr. Giovanni GattusoAt Don Pierino’s the Ramia met two dearest friends: Domenica and Giovanni Gattuso, who have been following Swami Roberto for over twenty years. Ramia Osvaldo with dearest friends Father Enzo Pichelli and Fra Gualtiero Bellucci

Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia with the Honourable Gasparri