How blessed you were to be there

- The sun was shining in the sky, but also in the hearts of the joyful crowd that in our Ashran welcomed Father Fulgenzio Cortesi with joy and with an almost never-ending applause. In that applause there was all the gratitude and the esteem for this righteous man, for all the good he has done and continues to do tirelessly. We would better say: “How blessed we have been to have the joy of celebrating a man of God”.

“…Today we have Africa here through Father Fulgenzio and we have a person who has certainly shown that the Gospel is not a piece of paper, only a papyrus, but the Gospel is alive, alive! because the Christ in him is alive and the Christ is alive in all people who like him really want to bring charity and love to every last one.” – Roberto

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi accompanied  by our President, ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia Swami Roberto with Father Fulgenzio CortesiFather Fulgenzio Cortesi accompanied by our President, ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia. Below: with our Founder

Swami Roberto with Father Fulgenzio Cortesi

Father Fulgenzio, visibly touched, thanked the big family of Anima Universale for the support we have given in these years to his important work for the Aids orphan children in Tanzania:

“In the Village of Joy there are big schools where our children and also the poor children of the surroundings may study, and on a wall of this big school there is a plaque with the Universal Soul logo… as well as the logo there is the heart and the prayer of Universal Soul… there is also a huge warehouse where more than 15 tons of providence for our children arrived, a great providence, in a 40 feet container which left from the heart, from here, from Universal Soul, and then there have been the actual signs of a continuous, generous, concrete, active collaboration and solidarity… since 2 ramias listened to me… years ago, on the radio… and said: let’s try to help this poor missionary, he is a little bit crazy, but let’s try to help him all the same, and together we started building love, building charity, building solidarity… there are a lot of reasons to say thank you, to praise the Lord who was generous with us.”

Father Fulgenzio wanted to thank publicly ramia Paolo and Universal Soul volunteers who thanks to their big granata heart – referred to the Turin football team supporters – and a wonderful song were able to collect more than Euro 13,000 for the Village! The song is the anthem “Grande Toro… 1906-2006” composed by ramia Paolo Conti and sung by Simona Sorbara for the centenary of the extraordinary granata story: an anthem which summarizes a world of joys, pains, humanity… Toro – another name for Turin football team – spirit! The initiative carried out in collaboration with our friends of the Village of Joy ONLUS Association had the patronage and collaboration of the city of Turin. The song was chosen as the theme song for the popular programme: Orgoglio Granata broadcast on the Italian TV channel GRP.

Father Fulgenzio with a group of Universal Soul volunteersFather Fulgenzio with some of the volunteers who worked for the success of this solidarity initiative

One further proof of spontaneous solidarity

Divine Providence has shown itself also today for Father Fulgenzio and we have been able to give him a further donation of Euro 6,050 thanks to the generosity of Universal Soul’s wonderful people.

The emotion for this meeting was very great. We are proud of you all. You are the pulsating heart that gives life to Universal Soul, because Universal Soul is not only the Ramias, it is not only Swami Roberto, but first it is you, good-willing people always ready to help your neighbour with charity.
Father Fulgenzio thanked us a lot for the warm welcome, for the prayers and for the good that we all did together to the children of the Village of Joy.