At the celebration for Monsignor Gelmini’s 57th anniversary of priesthood

Ramia Mirco, ramia Roberto and ramia Riccardo brought Roberto’s blessing to beloved Monsignor Gelmini on the occasion of this important holy day in Mulino Silla, gladdened also by the 50° Anniversary of priesthood of our dearest friend Monsignor Virginio Fogliazza.
With joy we saw again a lot of friends, among whom the actor Pippo Franco and his wife Piera, Vincenzo Di Marzo, Father Ezio, Brother Gualtiero, Father Giovanni D’Ercole and all of Monsignor Gelmini’s children of Love, the youngsters of ‘Comunità Incontro’ who he is helping to recover from drug addiction.
In the photograph, from left to right: ramia Mirco, Monsignor Virginio Fogliazza, Monsignor Gelmini, Monsignor Mtanios Haddad, Father Bernard and ramia Roberto (Ramia Riccardo was using the camera).

The Ramias at Mulino Silla with the guests of honour