The Tree of Life

A super gift from Father Fulgenzio to Anima Universale

The Tree of LifeFather Fulgenzio, a Passionist missionary, is always able to amaze us, both with his work in Africa and the immense affection that he shows to us... once again he left us speechless. While ramia Riccardo and ramia Roberto were with him at the Convent of Basella, he left for a few seconds and came back with a wonderful, significant and very precious ebony sculpture which represents the Life Tree (in the photograph ). He explained us that it is the first sculpture that he took with him to Italy thirty years ago, when he got back from his first missionary trip to Tanzania. It is a museum piece and has also a big symbolic meaning. Father Fulgenzio has visited the yard for the building of the new Centre of Anima Universale several times. He would very much like this gift to be exposed there one day, so that everybody will be able to admire this important work of art coming from his beloved Africa.