A brotherly meeting

Il nostro Fondatore con Mons. Virginio FogliazzaOn Tuesday August 8th 2006, we were very honoured and glad to welcome in our Centre Monsignor Virginio Fogliazza and his dear relatives. The Monsignor is Archimandrite of Antioch, Chaplain of His Holiness the Pope, and Parish Priest of Saints Filippo, Giacomo and Gualtero in Lodi. He is also the director of the diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Lodi. He presented us with a wonderful icon: Mary, Mother of the world Saviour. A short time ago he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his priesthood in Mulino Silla together with our mutual friend Monsignor Gelmini, receiving for the occasion also the Apostolic Blessing of His Holiness Benedict XVI. Beloved Monsignor Virginio enriched us by telling us his experiences of priestly life, which has been rich in initiatives to build peace, to promote the cultural integration and to help the most discriminated people. Beyond the different theological opinions, his visit was a constructive and wonderful gift, because Love unites everybody within Christ.