Mulino Silla: “bread, mortadella (bologna sausage) and apple” 2006

September 27th 2006, together with ‘Comunità Incontro’
for Mulino Silla 27th anniversary

Mons. Gelmini a Mulino SillaAlso this year the dearest Father Pierino Gelmini invited Anima Universale to the Anniversary of Comunità Incontro’s Mother House opening, which took place on September 27th 1979. Our president, ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia, together with ramia Franco went to the big party. Also ramia Giancarlo was present at the party in behalf of our Venetian community. During the ceremony Father Pierino awarded the "Madonna del Sorriso" prize to the Honourable Silvio Berlusconi for his solidarity and friendship with ‘Comunità Incontro’.

Ramia Giancarlo and ramia Osvaldo (in the foreground) are watching the fireworks with the Honourable Silvio Berlusconi and Father Pierino.After the traditional dinner made of bread, mortadella (bologna sausage) and apple, in memory of the difficult beginnings of Father Pierino’s mission, the evening ended with fireworks and the Holy Rosary. For the ramias it was an eventful and touching day spent with many dear friends like father Bernard, Father Enzo and Father Giovanni D’Ercole.