For me it was like this. Alleluia!

ramia RosvaldoToday, September 29th 2006, is a great day for ramia Rosvaldo who celebrates the 16th anniversary of his ordination; a day of prayer and deep meditation in which he together with his Brothers renewed in conscience his will to serve God and neighbour.

“Come and you will see! For me it was like that, when many years ago I met Roberto, an extraordinary young man, who let me meet God, making Him alive and present in my eyes. Since that day God has no longer been to me an abstract and distant superior reality.
My life has changed. In time the Lord and His Divine Mother have moulded me. Today I am testifying that I will never be able to thank completely the Madonna for all the good I have received. She takes the place of my ‘ego’, which is sometimes a little bit humanly selfish, giving me the spiritual strength to carry out in the best way my mission among people in need of help, counsel and comfort. I am sure of it: alone I would not be able to do that.
Sixteen years ago I left the world to enter upon the monastic life, but I meet and live this world every day in the many pained faces that knock on our door. For me it is a source of true joy to see the light going on again in the eyes of those who solve serious problems and rediscover good-will. This joy is a feeling that in my heart becomes a perpetual prayer in praise of the Lord for His big miracles of Love. This is the reason why I am announcing everybody with my heart: Come and you will see!”