Karibuni… Welcome “Masai people”

Swami Roberto with Father Fulgenzio Cortesi showing the two sculpturesNovember 9th 2006 - Karibuni in Swahili means welcome… and the Masai figures from Father Fulgenzio Cortesi’s Africa are really welcome: two extraordinary ebony sculptures donated to our Founder.
These remarkable manufactures of big artistic value, true exemplars worthy of an African art museum, had been preserved for more than thirty years in Bergamo in the private collection of Father Fulgenzio.
He thought about our new Centre, where he wants these works to be put in a honour place, when the Centre is completed.
The Black Continent is the origin of the mankind, the cradle of the first civilizations and the masai people represent the most authentic Africa with its values. In fact our beloved Passionist brother explained us that the Masai population is the purest tribe since it could preserve its traditions in the best way.
In addition to the fact that this gift bears witness to Father Fulgenzio’s affection and respect of the ramias’ community, it will bring a wave of Africa into the new Centre and will remind us of the Village of Joy with its orphan children, its songs and its dances addressed to all people’s God.