Joyous meeting with two Fathers


- They were two edifying and joyful days which we spent together with two Catholic priests, who stayed in our Ashram at Leinì.
The two Fathers got to know each other on the occasion of this meeting which started with their journey to Leinì from our Centre of Poggiana, together with Ramia Giancarlo and ramia Claudio.

Ramia Claudio Guiotto with his uncle, father Bruno BicegoFather Bruno Bicego, Archpriest of Pievebelvicino - Vicenza, Italy - is an extraordinary priest and is uncle of ramia Claudio Guiotto (together in the photograph). Father Bruno came to meet his nephew and to make the acquaintance of Swami Roberto and the community of Ramias. He also met ramia Carlo, who is the son of his friend and ex-schoolmate Giovanni Bertacche, lawyer in Vicenza.

Father Matteo PasutFather Matteo Pasut of the Parish of Basedo di Chions - Pordenone, Italy - is a writer and is specially devoted to Father Pio of Pietrelcina. He has been Roberto’s good friend since 1983. They guided groups on pilgrimages to Lourdes and to important Italian sanctuaries, together with Father Giuseppe Grassis of Ivrea. In the eighties, Roberto came several times to Father Matteo’s former Parish at Azzanello in order to lead the prayer and to meet those who were seeking comfort and counsel.

Father Matteo and Father Bruno in our Ashram

Father Matteo and Father Bruno with Ramias