Our Calendar 2007 "Work in progress" is published

Calendario 2007Anima Universale has willed to portray the evolution of the work for the building of the new Centre at Leinì by publishing a calendar. It is a beautiful memory which many will keep also after the end of this year to preserve the memory of the birth of this great Work dedicated to the Divine Mother, and to be able to say, one day, “I also was there”. The calendar has 28 pages in colour and contains 12 large photographs of the yard, one for each month. Inside there are more photographs and useful information. The construction is not finished yet and there is much more to do! The calendar is also a thanks to those who are generously helping us to make this project become a reality: an oasis of peace and welcoming for those who need help or wish to spend some days in a spiritual retreat.

Calendar 2007 - October Calendar 2007 - June