Don Pierino: “Come back. Come back, Home is waiting for you!”

Don Pierino Gelmini
Monsignor Pietro Gelmini - Don Pierino - required also the presence of Anima Universale on the occasion of a historical moment: the meeting with “Ragazzi D.O.C.”, that is the expression he uses to speak about his children of Love, who have been out of Comunità Incontro for at least five years. Don Pierino supervised every organizing detail with his usual scrupulousness, in order to receive “as lords” the so many young people that in the years he gave back to life through the Christ-Therapy (this happened already fifteen years ago during the first convention at Vietri sul Mare).

“I wanted you to be here because you are lords, and as lords I want to honour you. Lords in the heart and in the spirit… We will also remember the friends who left us and who are in the celestial prairies; I remember Alfredo, Sandro, Laura, Luca, Lorenzo and all those who are looking at us from the sky…” -
Don Pierino

On behalf of Anima Universale there were ramia Davide, ramia Diego and ramia Mirco (in the photograph with Don Pierino).

They were three eventful days, rich in big emotion and full of gratitude to Don Pierino; days spent in company of a lot of friends to think over and to meditate upon the immense gift of Life. Prayers, testimonies, religious and civil speeches were alternated with video documentaries about the history of Comunità Incontro. It was also a big festival, coloured by the Sbandieratori (flag-wavers) of Amelia and gladdened by Aleandro Baldi’s songs.

Everything was extraordinarily wonderful, but… a streak of sadness was hovering about our hearts because Don Pierino said “for me this will be certainly the last meeting where I can see and embrace you, and we can speak about us, and where we can take heart again and feel ourselves as big family of Love!”

With pop-singer Aleandro Baldi we spent nice moments of friendship The ramias with our dear friend H.E. Monsignor Isidore Battikha, Metropolitan Archbishop of Homs, Hama and Yabroud in Syria.