Brotherhood and solidarity mission

January-February 2007 – The dear and extraordinary ramia Agnese accompanied by Elide - Swami Roberto’s mother - and by Lina – a volunteer of Anima Universale left for the Mission of Sister Nancy Pereira at Bangalore, where thirty among the seventy-one children we are sponsoring are cared for.
They went also to some very poor villages in order to give food and comfort.
Afterwards they were guests at Gaden Jangtse, a very important Buddhist monastery, where they delivered Swami Roberto’s blessing, which was welcomed by the monks with great devotion.
It was an ecumenical journey made in the name of solidarity, brotherhood and universal compassion.

Ramia Agnese with FIDES Institute Sisters, among whom there is the Mother Superior. Tireless Sister Nancy is between Lina and Elide.
It was an immense joy to see again our beloved friend Sister Nancy, her Sisters, the children, the applicants and the social workers at the mission. Ramia Agnese gave Sister Nancy a contribution from us to the needs of her work for poor people.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met Swami Roberto’s mother with great enthusiasm and hosted our delegation for lunch.

The world is a small place! Elide, Lina and ramia Agnese, actually met some dear Italian friends in India: Pietro (in the photograph) and also Bruna, Tamara, Max and Giuseppe.

Love unites everybody beyond any religious difference.