Eventful and happy days

Some photographs taken in our Centres during Christmas 2006 and New Year’s Day 2007:

A group of volunteers of Anima Universale are being thanked The children’s choir of Anima Universale

There was a big, joyful and heartfelt participation in the prayer and meditation times, and in the seminars on spirituality too, which could also be experienced through the movement of the body in harmony with the Self as form of prayer.

Darshan of Swami RobertoDuring Christmas and New Year’s Day Darshans Swami Roberto pronounced two very enlightening speeches regarding the meaning of Christmas and Peace, which is a gift of God, but which is also a conquest of the human being achieved by using in the right way free will and good intention. Free will and good intention are fundamental means through which it is possible to receive God’s Peace in one’s heart and donate it to the world.
In the morning of New Year’s Day, Swami thanked the ramia brothers and our President, ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia very much for their endless work for everyone in Anima Universale. The clapping of those present was loud and touching.