Scholars coming from all over the world to the Church Universal Soul

Leini (Turin, Italy), Saturday 7 September 2019

Eighty distinguished Docents, Researchers and Scholars of Religions coming from all over the world visited the Monastery of the Church Universal Soul at Leini.

The visit was organised by the CESNUR as part of the prestigious 2019 International Conference “Re-Enchanting the World: Spiritualities and Religions of the Third Millennium”, which was held at the Luigi Einaudi Campus of the University of Turin from 5 to 7 September.

At 10.15am the large group was welcomed at the entrance of the monastery by a group of Ramia monks (both men and women). Right from the beginning the questions rained in, and it was perceptible the curiosity towards our reality, which many were visiting for the first time.

The Arrival of the Scholars

The Ramia monks

Several guests expressed great amazement to us, both for the beauty of the Monastery and the Temple, and for the peace they perceived.

ramia DavideAt 10.45 am, in the Meditation Hall, the presentation of our Church began. It was given in English by ramia Riccardo and ramia Davide (in the photograph), who holds a Master degree in Psychology, and collaborates in publishing Clinical Psychology Studies with the Department of Psychology at the University of Turin.

The Presentation

The presentation was livened up by four songs composed by ramia Paolo and performed by a great friend: the famous and talented singer Neja, who sold over 4 million records.


Our distinguished guests listened to the Pater Noster and Under Your Wings (a prayer to the Madonna), followed by Where You Are and finally from Your Tears Mary, a poem composed by Swami Roberto at a very young age, which Ramia Paolo turned into a song.

CESNUR DirectorsOn the left: Prof. PierLuigi Zoccatelli—Deputy Director of CESNUR—with ramia Riccardo. On the right: ramia Paolo, musician and chef of the community, with Prof. Massimo Introvigne—Director of CESNUR.

After the presentation everyone had the opportunity to freely visit the Temple and the Monastery, and to converse with the monks.

The visit ended with lunch, offered by our community in the canteen of the Monastery.