MotoForPeace ONLUS in our monastery to present their 2020 mission “The Anonymous of Faith 2”

Leini (Turin, Italy), 6 October 2019

Our friends at MotoForPeace ONLUS have come to visit us again in our monastery. Their President Bernardo “Dino” Lepore arrived in Leini last night, accompanied by Marco and Davide, and on the occasion by Dr. Giovanni Denaro – who has known Swami Roberto since 1984.

MotoForPeace in the Temple of Anima Universale

Today, during the religious service, Bernardo Lepore thanked Anima Universale for its support to the humanitarian motorcycle missions that MotoForPeace has been doing in the world since 2002.

MotoForPeace President then explained to the large audience in the temple the spirit of solidarity that animates their humanitarian expeditions, and it was very touching his account of the dramatic situations they encountered in the poorest areas of the world, where the good will of a few clashes everyday with poverty and violence.

Bernardo Lepore, MotoForPeace President

Finally, Bernardo Lepore presented the program of the next humanitarian mission of MotoForPeace – The Anonymous of Faith 2 – which will start in 2020 with the aim of bringing concrete aids and raising public awareness on the work of Catholic missionaries, who face extreme conditions in South America.

The Church Anima Universale has given MotoForPeace ONLUS Euros 10,000 as a contribution to the success of their next humanitarian expedition.

Bernardo Lepore, MotoForPeace President

People have also shown great interest in the big illustrated roll-ups displayed in the cloister of the monastery to tell about all of their missions.

MotoForPeace with Anima Universale

It was a beautiful day in the company of Dino, Davide, Marco, Giovanni.

MotoForPeace with Anima Universale