Father Fulgenzio Cortesi, Passionist missionary, visited us again together with the “Mothers of Orphans” nuns

Leini (Turin, Italy), 9 May 2019

Last night we received the fraternal and joyful visit of Father Fulgenzio Cortesi, the Passionist missionary who founded the Village of Joy in Tanzania. Anima Universale saw the birth of his Village and has supported it from the beginning.

Our friend and brother missionary was accompanied by Mother Superior Sister Maria Teresa with Sister Fransiska and Sister Brigitha—of the congregation Mamme degli Orfani [Mothers of Orphans] that he founded in Dar es Salaam—and by our friends Giammaria, Chairman of Villaggio della Gioia ONLUS, Claudio and Guido.

Swami Roberto with Father Fulgenzio

Father Fulgenzio moved us with some very beautiful and meaningful gifts: the “stools of Peace”, and a wooden sculpture depicting the Masai.

While we shared the “bread” of the supper we prepared to honor our guests, Father Fulgenzio updated us on the great progress of his extraordinary Work in favor of orphans and street children in Tanzania—and soon also in Haiti.

We recollected the many important moments that we had the joy of living together in these years, like our first meeting—which happened “casually” in May 2003 thanks to Radio RTL 102.5—, the inauguration of the Village of Joy and of the school donated by Anima Universale, the printing of his biography written by three monks of our community, and many others.

Father Fulgenzio at Anima Universale

Before ending the beautiful and uplifting evening, Father Fulgenzio together with the nuns sang some songs in Swahili for us, including a Hallelujah and a tune dedicated to the Madonna.

The Mothers of Orphans Sisters

Father Fulgenzio is returning among his many children who are waiting for him in his beloved Africa, and a part of our heart is always with him.

Swami Roberto with Father Fulgenzio