A special invitation from Father Fulgenzio Cortesi and our joy for his growing Work

Leini (Turin, Italy), 29 September 2018

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi—the Passionist missionary who founded the Village of Joy at Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in 2002 to welcome AIDS orphans and street children—today inaugurates the Village of Light, which is also located in Tanzania next to Mikuni National Park.

Father Fulgenzio with Swami RobertoFather Fulgenzio Cortesi with Swami Roberto

Anima Universale has supported from the beginning the Work of this great Man of God and our Friend, who saves so many children from poverty and despair.

On 11 January 2004 we were present at the inauguration of the Village of Joy and of the school donated by Anima Universale.

On 28 of last January, Father Fulgenzio also invited us to the inauguration of the second Village, with a moving email that we share with all of you:


have a nice Sunday rich in apostolate and profound joy.

About the inauguration of the Village of Light on 29 September, how nice it would be to have you at our side and enjoy together the wonders that the Lord makes.

You, who were makers of the first village, you should not miss the inauguration of the second Village: from JOY to LIGHT.

We dreamed of them together, and together we worked at their realization.

Always, always in union of prayer and hearts, with utmost gratitude for you.


Father Fulgenzio

Unfortunately, because of many commitments, it is not possible for us to be physically present at the inauguration, yet we are there with our heart, our joy and our prayer.