Video-greeting of the Bishop of Huánuco after the blessing of the Health Centre

Huánuco (Peru), Saturday 25 June 2016

“I am Giacomo Rodríguez Salazar, Bishop of Huánuco. I am addressing you because a few minutes ago we have finished the blessing of the new Outpatient Clinic ‘Madonna della Salute’, and I want to refer to you because you are collaborators, that is, if this Centre now gives so much help to people, to the sick who arrive, it is also because of you. Therefore, it is a pleasure to tell you from Huánuco – to the Ramias and all the people of Anima Universale – MANY HEARTFELT THANKS!

In the video, next to the Bishop, Dr. Angelo Verga, Chairman of Senzaconfini Onlus, the NGO that designed and built the Medical Centre together with His Excellency. The Church Anima Universale contributed with a donation of 45,000 Euros.

Email received on 4 July 2016

Dear Ramia Osvaldo,

It is with great pleasure that I send you the most significant photos of the inauguration of the Huánuco Outpatient Clinic, for which construction the contribution of Anima Universale was decisive.

I would like to thank you first of all in the name of Mons. Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, Bishop of Huánuco, and of my husband Angelo, who as you know is the Chairman of Senzaconfini.

Always grateful for the trust accorded to our Association and for the good that you help us to do, allowing us to manifest the Father’s Mercy to the poorest people, I greet you with affection, hoping to be able to do it personally as soon as possible.

Caterina Guarna
General Secretary Senzaconfini Onlus

We thank Gianluca Argiolas (the brother of our great sound engineer Fabrizio) for the video and the photographs, and also Dr. Caterina Guarna and Dr. Angelo Verga, who kindly sent us more photographs.

The Bishop of Huanuco



Medical Clinic

Hospital lane