April 9, 2011: Swami Roberto’s 48th Birthday

In the blessed day of his 48th birthday, Swami Roberto has been surrounded by a wealth that even some billionaires does not have: it is the priceless treasure of your joy, your true love, your admiration, appreciation and gratitude for him ... that is why Swami, deeply moved, ended the celebration with these words:

“I am truly rich. I am the richest man in the world because I have you ... you who are Love... great Love!!!”.

In fact, your testimony—immortalized on this video full of your infinite Love and Enthusiasm—is the best gift a person can receive, and is the measure of the Good that all of us, in our turn, have received from Swami Roberto.

“I don’t perceive you intermittently, because instead I feel you.
Rather than perceive and hear, I feel you. I feel you always, always, always…
And you know why? Because I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.”
— Swami Roberto

The speech given by Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia on Swami Roberto’s 48th Birthday

“Think how nice! Swami Roberto helps us to build in our current embodiment a big temple, a very precious shrine, the most pleasing to God among all temples that exist on this planet:
It is the temple of Awareness, is the temple of consciousness, is the temple of true spirituality within each of us. We are living stones, we are the living temple in which God is pleased.
Swami has come to give us his teachings, which have the power to make us Temple of God, abode of God, knowing that we can bring God into this confused and distressed world.
So we can proclaim with certainty that ‘I and God are One’.”
— Osvaldo Ristuccia Ramia, Anima Universale’s Chairman

Swami Roberto’s darshan

The French devotees Choir
The French devotees singing Swami Roberto their Love.

Swami Roberto’s darshan