The San Damiano Crucifix arrived to our monastery

– The beautiful Crucifix painted by iconograper Angela Davari, born in Athens, has been welcome with great devotion and emotion by Ramirian monks, faithful and friends of Anima Universale gathered in the Palatenda for Swami Roberto’s Darshan. This wonderful transcendent Crucifix will be placed in the new chapel specially built in our monastery, so that all can contemplate it while praying in stillness.

«At the end of this work I can honestly say that this, for me, was an “Acheropiita” work, not made by human hands, because – preceded, accompanied and followed by unceasing prayer – it was entirely guided by the Spirit that moves iconographer’s hands. In praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.»
— Angela Davari Stelluto

Comment from the artist who painted the San Damiano Crucifix (in Italian).

The arrival of San Damiano Crucifix to our monastery on Sunday 4th July 2010