So much Light and Joy on Christmas Eve…


Christmas Eve Prayer

«Dear alumni of Christ, blessed by Christ, in the Holy Night of Christmas I light for you the Flame of Joy so that the colour of joy may exorcise from your inner world all that which is dull because of painful and unhappy moments. Never forget that the Word of Life is the true essence of joy, who manifests himself to the world in order to save humanity. Draw joy from the pure light of Christ, then, and His divine blessedness will always be within you, for you and with you. Amen!»
— Swami Roberto

Swami Roberto is lighting the Flame of Joy

La Veglia di Natale a PoggianaVenite Adoremus! (at Poggiana di Riese Pio X)

The Christmas tree in Anima Universale monastery at LeiniThe Christmas tree in Anima Universale monastery at Leini is 16 meters high. Many has come from the town to admire it because they say it is the tallest one.