Abruzzo earthquake: Anima Universale allocates Euro 250,000 to rebuild a nursery school

Some years ago Anima Universale has undertaken a huge financial commitment in order to build its new Centre in Leinì – Turin, Italy –, which will be open to all for spiritual retreats, conferences and other initiatives.

There is still much to do, but we feel that we ought to delay the completion of our big structure in order to give top priority to the needs of the Abruzzi people who are now in much worse condition than we.

Therefore Swami Roberto and the Ramirian monks have decided in the name of the great family of Anima Universale to allocate the – for us – huge sum of Euro 250,000 to rebuild a public use structure for the wonderful people of Abruzzo together with the Comunità Incontro of Father Pierino Gelmini.

Father Pierino was thinking to rebuild a nursery school and found himself in full agreement with our Founder.
The Founder of Comunità Incontro has already invited local administrators to identify the structure on which to work and has also undertaken to allocate additional funds which might be needed to complete the reconstruction of the nursery school.

Let’s pray intensely that God would help and bless all through His Providence.