april 9th 2007 : Swami Roberto’ s Birthday

 Dearly beloved,
we want to tell you about the joy we experienced during the celebration of Swami Roberto’ s birthday: GREAT JOY, EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS!!!

We came from a thousand different ways to let him feel all our affection and thankfulness, speaking different languages, but united by the only universal language: the voice of the heart. All of us, sharing this dream called Universal Soul, being living bricks of this Love project for the humanity, were deeply touched when Ramia Osvaldo Ristuccia expressed our feelings to Swami, telling him of our joy to be there on that festive day, our gratitude and our hopes:

Swami Roberto«Swami, today is a great day for us and for those who love you. We know that you do not want your birthday to be a celebration for you, but you want it to be a day dedicated to all of us. Once again you are the one, Swami, who is giving us the possibility to live a moment of joy. And joy in these heavy times is a rare and more and more precious gift.

Many people find in you the inspiration to give themselves to their neighbour through voluntary work, and also through the valuable service in our Centres.
We thank those people who do everything in their power for the good running of our Centres, from those who clean the restrooms to those who keep the church, the garden and the parking place in order.
Swami, You help us to express the best of ourselves through the invincible power of Love.

All together we want to light the flame of gratitude, the fire of recovered confidence, the light of hope getting stronger, the heat of the faith that is born again within our hearts.
May good-will light the lamps of altruism and divine Love in our being, and may your blessing, O Swami, make these lamps shine more and more intensively, so that the light inside us can be bright all round the world to help those who are still looking for Knowledge and true Love. »

Then we, the ramia monks, went one by one to thank Swami, because in this great Work that he has started we have been able to make our vocation come true, giving our life to Our Father and to the Divine Mother so that They can decide on it according to Their Holy Will and Providence.
Thanks to Swami we found the answers we were looking for and we met God, Father and Mother of all people!
Carlo and ramia Paolo played for us the “music of Angels”, as this is the only way we can define the celestial harmony that poured from their fingers through the piano and the guitar.
In conclusion it was really a happy day and on the way back home we thanked the Madonna because we are part of a grand Work and because she gave us a Friend… an unique and special Light in our course of life!

A boundless sea within me

There are words within me,
there are emotions
there are thoughts

There are smiles
there are embraces
there are tears of joy

There are gestures
of a hand
wet with Holy water
that blesses me
as it was
a second rebirth…
…a second baptism…

There are eyes
lighted of a boundless love
which marks the heart
up to the bottom
and penetrate it, transforming it

There is You…
…Eternity in Time…
Guide of my course
Mate of this Game
intense and wonderful
hard and pitiless
which is Life… growth… evolution…
… the Journey back… Home…

There are hands
which are joined
to bow to You
who are Love …

And then
there is silence…
a silence that more than thousand words
shouts «THANK YOU!»,
knowing to be so small,
but to be in front of a Light
so immense and pure…
knowing not to be alone anymore,
but to be blessed
by so much, plentiful Love…

Here I am! That promise… «do you remember?»
That promise… is renovating…

Roberto Conte