Twenty Years of MotoForPeace

Leini (Turin, Italy), December, 24 2021

Or dear friend Bernardo Lepore, President of MotoForPeace, gave us the commemorative plaque and the valuable photo book MotoForPeace 0121 created by his Association to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its foundation in 2001.

We are honored to be in the book with a thought that Anima Universale dedicated to MotoForPeace on the occasion of this important anniversary.

Libro e targa di MotoForPeace

Bernardo Lepore and Marco VeroneseBernardo Lepore President of MotoForPeace (on the left in the photo), with Marco Veronese

The chapter 'Monastero Anima Universale'The chapter “Monastero Anima Universale” on page 178 of the book MotoForPeace 0121