Father Fulgenzio Cortesi: a Holy Man

Leini (Turin, Italy), 4 June 2021

“Father Fulgenzio, my friend,

We have come a long way together… you gave us the honor of helping you in your great mission in Africa. We shared joys and sorrows together.

You have always been part of our family and today we have “lost” a special brother. Humanly, the pain is great, as is great the love that united us and unites us forever.

Those who had the grace to meet you can say that in their life they have known a true Saint, a Saint in flesh and blood.
A Saint who loved all my monks enormously.

I keep you forever in my heart.”—Swami Roberto

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi with Swami Roberto

Baba Fulgenzio

Father Fulgenzio Cortesi visita the yard
Father Fulgenzio visiting the construction site of the new Anima Universale monastery (Leini, 16 November 2005)